Trenchless Water Line Replacement Service In Lynnwood

Leaking pipes and flooded floors are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. There are many plumbing problems that happen that could have otherwise been avoided with regular maintenance. These issues are sometimes compounded when homeowners try to tackle DIY plumbing work. When it comes to trenchless water line replacement service in Lynnwood, A-List Plumbing wants you to know that we are the professional team that you can count on.

If you notice issues with the main water line coming into your home that supplies your property with water,  this is something that could become very costly if not addressed as soon as possible. With traditional methods, there is a lot of digging that calls for re-landscaping the area when all is said and done. However, we want you to know that we can help with less-invasive trenchless methods!

With a trenchless water line replacement, we can give you the reliable, cost-efficient solution that you need. This is done without the need for costly digging that tears up your landscaping.

The trenchless method involves two holes, one where the water line starts and the other where it ends. A hole is then made underground for the pipe, which may be done with a cable pulling system. The water line is then connected, and you have the fast results that you need without any additional damage to your property.

Do you still have questions about trenchless methods and whether or not this process will work given your unique situation? We can come to your home to do an assessment and answer any questions that you may have.

Are you curious about trenchless water line replacement service in Lynnwood? Call A-List Plumbing for more information at (206) 202-8290.