Why You Need Annual Sewer Camera Inspections

Why You Need Annual Sewer Camera Inspections

Why You Need Annual Sewer Camera Inspections

Did you know that your Hunts Point home’s sewer line should be checked annually? Some companies will be invasive with exploring the ins and outs of your sewer lines, which could cause damage to the pipes and your property. However, A-List Plumbing uses sewer camera inspections as a minimally invasive way to see if there are any problems or concerns for your home’s sewer lines. Sewer inspections, as a whole, are preventative measures to ensure that you don’t need pipe repairs or entirely new sewer line replacements in the future.

A-List Plumbing goes by the annual rule of thumb for sewer lines. If your home is younger than ten years old, it’s essential to schedule a yearly inspection and cleaning for proper care. If your home is over ten years old, sewer inspections and cleanings should be every six months.

The pipes become more susceptible to damage as your home’s plumbing system gets older. That doesn’t mean the pipes are damaged, but they will show wear and tear. Sewer lines do a lot of work, and regular inspections can help A-List Plumbing professionals detect minor problems before they become more prominent and expensive issues.

Beware of Tree Roots

Root infestation is the number one killer of sewer pipes. If you have a lot of trees on your property, those unseen roots are constantly growing and seeking out nutrients. What is more nourishing than a sewer pipe of nutrient-rich waste and water? If a root finds a weak spot in your pipe, it could grow through it, then expand into the pipe and create more significant cracks and clogs.

Yearly inspections will keep those roots in check! Many minor repairs can be done non-invasively, but extensive replacements may be more detrimental to your property.

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