Which Shower Head Unit is Right For Your Kenmore Bathroom?

Which Shower Head Unit is Right For Your Kenmore Bathroom?

Which Shower Head Unit is Right For Your Kenmore Bathroom?

Giving your bathroom a facelift can be as simple as changing the décor and installing new fixtures. Or maybe your old shower head doesn’t work that great anymore. No matter what your reason, it can be overwhelming trying to decide exactly what you want. At A-List Plumbing, we provide shower head & faucet installation in Kenmore. When you decide on one of the following four basic types, we can make sure it is installed correctly.

Standard Wall Mounted Shower Heads

This is the basic shower head that many people have in their showers. If you want to update your current one, it might be the right one for you. The nice thing about this kind is:

  • The basic ones are very inexpensive
  • They work with your current plumbing system
  • You can get all kinds of extras features like nozzles that massage.

Top Mounted Shower Heads

These showerheads are placed, so they are directly over your head. One of the reasons they are also known as rain showers. They can be mounted directly from the ceiling or suspended. You may need plumbing upgrades if you want this type. Reasons to purchase include:

  • Adjustable nozzles and colored lighting
  • A low ceiling in the bathroom
  • Nice price range – from the more affordable ones to high-end showerheads

Shower Heads That Are Hand Held

These are great when you need a showerhead to do things like bathing the kiddos or the dog. They mount easily to the wall. Great reasons to go this way include:

  • No need to replace the tub unit with a brand new shower unit
  • Works with most plumbing systems
  • Can be mounted to sliding bars for adjustable heights
  • Very affordable
  • Great for families

Panels & Body Sprays

If you want a spa at home, this is the method for you. Body sprayers, or multi-spray panels, create a hydrotherapy treatment at home. Showers that have these typically have a regular shower head as well. Things you should know about them:

  • Body sprayers require major plumbing work
  • Consider the height of the person and the installation points
  • They start at around $85 and go up

Whatever you decide, A-List Plumbing can help make sure the installation is done professionally. Contact us at (206) 202-8290 for all your shower head & faucet installation in Kenmore.