What Causes Damage to Your Brier Home’s Sewer Line?

What Causes Damage to Your Brier Home’s Sewer Line?

What Causes Damage to Your Brier Home’s Sewer Line?Your home is composed of dozens of elements, each working together to create a safe, healthy, comfortable environment for yourself and your loved ones. While varied, those elements include your Brier home’s plumbing system and sewer line, responsible for safely and securely removing waste and toxic matter from your home. However, sometimes those lines can become damaged, resulting in discomfort for everyone in your household. Fortunately, we at A-List Plumbing have a knack for reparations, replacements, and installations of sewer lines, and our team of experienced professionals is well-versed in securing your plumbing system for a safer, healthier home.

Damage to your sewer lines can occur at any time for many reasons. For example, the pipes could weaken and crack. Or tree roots from outside can worm their way into your plumbing system, making it difficult for waste and water to get through. Root infestation is a leader in sewer line damages, so you must get your plumbing lines checked once per year to ensure a clean, clear streamline throughout your system.

How Long Does a Sewer Line and Plumbing System Inspection Take?

Typically, A-List Plumbing professionals take less than two hours to inspect a plumbing system and sewer line. Of course, the timing depends upon several factors, like how big your home is to warrant the need for a larger system and set of lines. We are thorough and efficient in our inspections, so you can rely on us to find sewer line damages and plumbing system cracks, blockages, or needs for repairs or replacements.

On average, your Brier home’s plumbing system and sewer line’s longevity depends on age, use, and wear and tear. Damage can accumulate over time, but you can keep abreast of any issues with a call to A-List Plumbing at (206) 202-8290 for help.