Water Pressure Repair Service in Edmonds

Dealing with water pressure that is malfunctioning can be frustrating. Perhaps your pressure is too low, causing you to have to turn fixtures on wide open. Maybe it’s too high, causing a mess every time someone turns on the water. Whatever the case may be, A-List Plumbing is here to help! We provide professional water pressure repair service in Edmonds. Our techs are here to help you with all your full-service plumbing needs.

Read more information below about what could be happening and see how the experts here can help:

What is the Issue?

Finding the cause of your water pressure issue is what we do best. Your repair tech will do a thorough evaluation, ask questions about the problems, and then determine the solution. A lot of different scenarios can cause water pressure irregularities. One of the most common ones is that there’s a clog in the line. This could be due to items being put through the system or due to the age of the lines. Corrosion can cause the lines to be blocked and reduce the pressure coming through. If it is in one spot that you’re having issues, it could simply be the fixture in question.

Our technician will arrive at your home with a fully loaded vehicle housing all the latest technology to take a look at the lines. Once they’ve spotted the problem, you’ll receive an estimate of the cost to repair. Then we can get your service back up to normal in no time!

Be sure to call our office today at (206) 202-8290 if you need to discuss the many options we have for water pressure repair service in Edmonds.