Water Main Installation & Repair-Replacement Service In Medina

Having water main installation & repair-replacement service in Medina just got easier with the magnificent team at A-List Plumbing. For years, the technicians here have been working with residential and commercial clients throughout the community. We provide full-service plumbing for every situation you may have. Whether you’re dealing with leaks or clogged toilets, we have you covered. Here are a few ways we can help with your water main.


Our team is very experienced in aspects of repairing your water main. We understand that tree roots can grow into the lines, or you may have a leak due to time passing. We perform an evaluation on all lines to find the problem and devise the best solution for your home. We’ll inform you if a repair is the best route to go and give you an estimate of the cost before doing the work.


In some instances, a replacement may be the best option. We do not want to simply put a bandage on your line when that doesn’t last very long at all. We want to make sure you have a long-term solution. That is why our technician will inform you of the options and which would have you prepared for the future.


Are you building a new home or office? We also provide full new installation services for a project you’re working on as well. Ask our professionals today about our installation service to help you get the water access you need.

Our company is here to provide you full-service plumbing whenever you need it. Contact our team at (206) 202-8290 today for your water main installation & repair-replacement service in Medina. We are here 24/7 for your plumbing needs.