Water Main Installation & Repair-Replacement Service In Edmonds

Supplying water to your home is done by the main water line from the city department or the well on your property. This is how everything you do with water happens inside your residence. What happens when something is going on with that water line? Our team is here to assist you. We here at A-List Plumbing have been providing premier water main installation & repair-replacement service in Edmonds for years. Take a look below at how our technicians can assist you when you have water main problems.

Inspection of Your Home Line

We will send out a technician to inspect the main line from your home to the water supply. The full-service plumber will search for leaks, roots growing into the line and other issues that may have come up. When our tech determines the problem, we will then provide a full-cost estimate of the entire project from start to finish. Our motto is to not have surprises for our clients with hidden fees and costs. We are upfront, honest, and affordable for everyone we work with.

Repair or Replace

One factor that needs to be considered is if a repair or replacement is the best option. In some instances, we can easily repair the problem and have you up and running for months or years to come. In other cases, our technician may feel that a replacement is the best option. We don’t want to put a simple solution in place that will not last you. We strive to offer the best option for budget-friendly pricing.

If you require water main installation & repair-replacement service in Edmonds, be sure to contact our technicians today at (206) 202-8290 for an appointment.