Toilet Installation & Repair-Replacement Service In Redmond

One of the main plumbing parts of your home is the toilet. There may be one or multiple units. Whether you want to update your current unit or need a repair, A-List Plumbing is here to help. With our professional toilet installation & repair-replacement service in Redmond, you can quickly have your toilet in place sooner than you think.

Check out the signs below that you need a new toilet or when to call us for repairs. The sooner a pro is onsite, the better the results will be.

Signs To Call In A Plumber

There are several signs you need to pay attention to when getting a new toilet or a repair. Consider the age of the toilet itself. This is an indicator of when a replacement may be necessary. Other signs may include:

  • Clogging constantly -A clog here and there will happen to toilets over time. However, if you’re dealing with constant clogs all the time, that is a sign a plumbing pro needs to be called in.
  • Leaks – A leaking toilet can cause massive damage. That’s why if you notice puddles around the toilet itself, hear water running constantly, or notice a leak down the tank, you should call in the pros.
  • Multiple repairs – If you have had toilet repairs done multiple times, it’s time to consider a replacement. Toilets only go for so long and will eventually need a new installation.

Want to update the look due to aging styles, inefficient flushing, or even cracks and damage? No problem! We can help you get an efficient, water-conserving model installed today!

If you need to discuss our toilet installation & repair-replacement service in Redmond, be sure to reach out today by calling (206) 202-8290.