Tankless Water Heater Installation & Repair Service In Edmonds

Don’t wait until your hot water tank goes out to find an alternative. Make sure you’re keeping new solutions in mind. When it comes time to replace your current system, our team here at A-List Plumbing has you covered. Our team provides excellent tankless water heater installation & repair service in Edmonds. We know what it is like to need hot water in your home, and we make sure it happens quickly. Here are a few of the benefits tankless systems provide and why we think you should consider this installation.

Energy Efficiency

Your traditional hot water tank is always heating, always running. That means your energy usage is quite high. With a tankless system, the hot water is on-demand. When you need hot water, it heats it and sends it straight where it is required. You don’t have to sit, run the water until it warms, and then utilize it. You can have hot water when you need it right away.

Less Space

Some hot water tanks take up a large amount of space in your home or garage. It may even have its own room within your home. With a tankless system, that is no longer an issue. You can have your hot water system along with other appliances in the same room.

Save Money

Another significant benefit of this system is that you’ll save money. While the upfront cost may be higher to install, the overall savings through the life of the unit makes up for it. Our team can install a unit, and you’ll notice anywhere from a 30% to 50% savings on your electric bill each month.

If you need tankless water heater installation & repair service in Edmonds, call our office today to get all the answers. We can be reached by dialing (206) 202-8290.