Shower Head & Faucet Installation In Medina

Remodeling your home can be both exciting and overwhelming. Depending on which room you start on, you could find yourself stressed out and not sure where to start. However, if you’re going to start in your bathroom, our team here at A-List Plumbing has your back. We provide superior shower head & faucet installation in Medina, as well as, other full-service plumbing options. Our team is here to work diligently for you to get your bathroom in tip-top shape from start to finish. Discover below how our technicians can assist you and how they’ve been helping clients just like you since 2001.


During the remodeling process, you might find yourself overwhelmed. That is why having experienced help on your side is critical. Our multi-generational plumbers can come in, discuss your plans with you, and help you decide on the fixtures you wish to have. We provide options such as low-flow, rain shower, and touchless faucet editions. You can choose the finish, style, and type of fixture you wish to add from the many options we have available.

Repair or Replacement Service

We provide elite repair and replacement service if you’re not in the remodeling phase. We can come in and evaluate your fixtures and diagnose an issue that you may have. Our team is also upfront and honest. That means we will not try to sell you a repair if we feel the replacement is the best option.

Emergency Needs

Rest assured, we are here when you need us. Emergency hours are available around the clock, seven days a week.

Contact us today if you need repair, replacement, or shower head & faucet installation in Medina. We can be reached at (206) 202-8290 for more information.