Sewer Line Installation & Repair Service In Sammamish

When it comes to your home or office, no one wants to think about having sewer problems. That is one of the dreaded issues that businesses and homeowners face. However, when you have a professional team such as A-List Plumbing on your side, you can face those issues with ease. Our team provides sewer line installation & repair service in Sammamish. From our inspection to the final result, we take care of all of your sewer line issues.

Take a look at some of the signs to watch for and how we can help below:

Don’t Ignore the Signs

Your sewer system has a huge job. When it’s not working properly, you’ll start to notice a few things around your home or office. If you notice any of the list below, be sure to give us a call:

  • The smell of sewage around the home or yard
  • Outside ground is soggy
  • Toilet water is never a consistent height
  • Water bill is increasing
  • Noises coming from the pipes
  • Drains moving slower than they should

Repair or Replace?

This can depend on a variety of factors. Our repair technician will arrive at your property to assess the situation. With thorough inspections of the lines, we can determine whether a replacement or a repair is best. We consider the age of the line, the material the line is made of, and the type of damage already incurred.

Once all of these factors are evaluated, we’ll give you a full cost estimate on your sewer line installation & repair service in Sammamish. Do not hesitate to contact the experts by reaching out to (206) 202-8290 today if you’re concerned about your sewer system.