Sewer Line Installation & Repair Service In Mukilteo

The sewer system in your home has a major job to do every day. What happens when you start to notice signals that it isn’t working quite as it should? That’s when you call in A-List Plumbing for their sewer line installation & repair service in Mukilteo. We provide elite full-service plumbing for everything from installing brand new lines to repairing and replacing your current ones.

Take a look at our service options below and see how we can help restore normal flow to your system today. Don’t hesitate to call no matter the time of day or night!


The first item of service is the thorough evaluation of the line itself. Through the latest technology available, we can troubleshoot your sewer system to find the problem in no time. We are leak detection experts and certified and trained to find them in a timely manner. The quicker the problem is detected, the quicker your solution can be in place.

Fully Loaded Vehicle

Each repair specialist of ours arrives with a fully equipped service vehicle to ensure your repair is done on the first visit. We want to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Repairs or Replacement Services

Once the inspection is completed and the problem is determined, we can offer a budget-friendly solution. In most cases, a simple repair is all that is needed to restore service. In other cases, age or wear and tear have caused the need for a replacement instead. Either way, your service tech will provide you with a fully detailed estimate before proceeding.

Call us today to ask questions or set up your sewer line installation & repair service in Mukilteo at (206) 202-8290.