Sewer Installation & Repair-Replacement Service In Crown Hill

Discover the elite plumbing team you want on your side when it comes to your sewer installation & repair-replacement service in Crown Hill. Our team here at A-List Plumbing has been working in the area since 2001. We work with both residential and commercial clients to take care of all their plumbing needs. From clogged toilets to broken sewer lines, our team has got your back. Here are a few aspects of your home or office sewer line we take into consideration when referring a service to you.

Age Of Lines

The older the lines are, the more likely they require being replaced. Our team will look at the age of the lines in close detail to see if repair is a logical step with your sewer services.


What type of damage has occurred to the current lines? Did the problem you’re having come from tree roots or the lines collapsing on themselves? Was it an outside force or only due to age or something being put in the lines that shouldn’t have been?


Older materials that were used may not be conducive to current sewer systems today. This is another aspect that our technicians must consider when giving you a full-cost estimate of the best route to take.

Repair Or Replace

Once all of these factors have been considered, our technician will give you the diagnosis of your system. They will go over all the questions you have, help you to know the full cost from start to finish, and you can make a decision from there. No work will be done before your approval, so you can rest assured that you know what you’re getting into.

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