Sewer Camera Inspection Service In Seattle

Are you dealing with a sewer that isn’t acting as it should? Have you noticed troubling signs or want to know what you’re buying? Then check out the sewer camera inspection service in Seattle offered by A-List Plumbing. The team of experts here can see inside the lines to know how to provide you with professional results. Our quick response time, fast diagnosis, and reliable, quality service make us the go-to plumbing company for the area residents.

Discover what the sewer system inspection consists of, what it can do, and why you may want to schedule yours today!

How It Works

A small camera is attached to the end of a flexible cable that the technician will slowly feed through your sewer lines. This gives us an inside look at the material, the damage that may have been done, and the cause of any issues.

What It Can Do

The inspection gives a minimally invasive way of inspecting the underground lines of your home. The age of the lines, the material used, and wear and tear can determine a variety of damage issues that lie underneath the surface. Instead of digging up the property to find the issue, we can use the camera to see what needs to be done.

When Do You Need An Inspection?

Several signs point to needing a professional to check your lines. You may have heard noises coming from the system, smell sewage around the home, or be dealing with slow-moving drains. In other instances, new homeowners want to know what they are getting into. Our team is here to do all this and more!

To set up your sewer camera inspection service in Seattle, give us a call at (206) 202-8290 today.