Sewer Camera Inspection Service In Redmond

When it comes to the sewer system in your home, many issues can go wrong. It’s important to know when to call A-List Plumbing and what to look out for. With our professional sewer camera inspection service in Redmond, we can take care of your problem in no time. We can locate the issue, determine a repair, and get you back to normal quickly. Check out the service below and find out what our camera inspection service is all about.

What Is A Sewer Camera?

This seemingly simple piece of technology can open the door to many benefits for your home. It is simply a camera that is attached to a piece of flexible cable. The camera is then lowered down through the main sewer lines to inspect the situation underground or in the pipes.

Why Would You Need A Sewer Inspection?

You can’t get to some issues without using a camera or digging up the lines. To help prevent invasive maneuvers before they are necessary, we utilize the cameras. You may call us for an inspection because you’re smelling sewage around the home, drains are moving slow, or you may have a backed-up toilet that is overflowing. Whatever the case, we’ve got it covered!

What We Do

With our inspection, we can tell just exactly what type of pipes you have, what the problem is, and pinpoint where we need to repair the line if necessary. With the camera, we can see the connections in your system to ensure everything is working properly. After our camera viewing, we can give you an affordable repair to get you back up to normal.

If you need to schedule your sewer camera inspection service in Redmond, call us today at (206) 202-8290.