Sewer Camera Inspection Service In Maltby

Have you noticed issues with your sewer line? Have you recently moved into a home, and you want to inspect the lines? Then you’re in the right place! A-List Plumbing offers a professional sewer camera inspection service in Maltby to do just that and more. We can get an inside look at what is going on in the lines without ever digging up the first part of your property.

Take a look at why so many choose this service to help them with repairs, replacements, and simple maintenance throughout the life of their sewer lines.

Inspection Service

If you’re buying a home, you want to know what you’re getting in advance. One reason we perform this service is to help potential buyers know what system they are getting. You need to know if repairs will be needed sooner than later or if a replacement is soon. With our camera service, we can see all that and so much more!


Making sure that your sewer system is properly maintained ensures that your home will run smoothly for years to come. Cleaning out sewer lines and making sure all clogs and roots are discarded helps to do just that. With a camera evaluation, you can know the state of your lines at any time.

Replacement or Repairs

Due to eventual wear and tear, the age, and materials of sewer lines, you may be due for a repair or replacement. Our technician can perform a thorough inspection and advise on the best route to take.

For those who want to schedule their sewer camera inspection service in Maltby, reach out to us today at (206) 202-8290. We’re here around the clock to help with any clogs, overflowing toilets, and inspections you may need.