Plumbing Fixture & Faucet Installation In Lake City

Discover the best place to go for all your professional plumbing fixture & faucet installation in Lake City with A-List Plumbing. We work diligently to offer the best in service, reliability, and quality to all of our clients since the early 2000s. We’ve worked with numerous residents and business owners to help them get solid installation when they need it.

Whether you’re updating an older home or starting to build from scratch, we have you taken care of!

We install various fixtures and faucets to help you get the most out of your plumbing system. Some of the items include:

  • New water heater – This is a vital component in your daily life. From washing clothes to bathing, you need hot water regularly. We offer a variety of options, including gas, electric, and tankless systems.
  • New dishwasher – This is another critical aspect of your daily life. A dishwasher can make sure all the dishes are done properly and when you need them done.
  • Laundry sink – When you have a mudroom or laundry room, a sink can help you to take care of larger items than your kitchen area. We can install a new laundry sink whether you’ve had one before or not.
  • Disposal – Garbage disposals are a great addition to any kitchen. You can cut back on your waste by adding this simple addition. Talk with one of our techs about this installation today!

Don’t skip the professional installation of your fixtures or faucets. It could mean more cost if you do.

Take time today and call us at (206) 202-8290 to discuss more options for your plumbing fixture & faucet installation in Lake City.