New Construction Plumbing In Pinehurst

Each step of building a new home or office is important. It’s vital that it is done properly and finished on time. That’s why you must find a company you can count on to handle your new construction plumbing in Pinehurst. A-List Plumbing has been working with new construction clients like you since 2001. We have a full team of certified and trained expert plumbers that can handle everything from a new installation to maintenance and repairs.

Be sure to contact us to discuss your needs and see how we can make this part of building your new home or office building a breeze.


We’ll start with a consultation to discuss what your new project will be. The technicians here will also work with the construction crew to time the installations perfectly. For example, installing the sewer lines and water lines must be done before the foundation is laid down. You can also look at the type of fixtures and appliances you want as well. We install everything from the lines themselves to the final faucet and sink of your choice.


There are typically three phases in the new construction project. First is the laying of the initial lines. This ties you into your main water source and is one before the foundation. The second is the phase where we extend the lines into the home once the foundation has been set. The third is the final phase where everything is installed and ensured to work properly.

We’re here to help with every step of your new construction plumbing in Pinehurst. Be sure to contact the install pros at (206) 202-8290 today to discuss all of your full-service plumbing needs.