Main Water Line Installation & Repair Service In Shoreline

When you live closer to the city, the way you receive your water is through a main line connected to the cities supply. That means you have water running at all times. However, it can also mean that you have a main water line issue when you least expect it. That’s where our team comes in. You can find elite professional main water line installation & repair service in Shoreline by calling A-List Plumbing. For years we’ve been working with residential and commercial clients in the area to ensure they have running water at all times.

If you’re not sure what to look for or you need a repair or replacement, continue reading below to learn more!

What to Watch For

When it comes to your main line, there are a few telling signs that alert you to something being out of order. One of those signs is your water bill. You most likely can account for mini-spikes throughout your year. For example, if you know you have family visiting, it’s going to be more than normal. However, when you see a shocking increase that you’re not expecting, it warrants a check with one of our technicians.

Another sign to pay attention to is standing water in your yard or around the line itself. This alerts you that there’s a leak. Our team can come out, troubleshoot the entire line, and restore your service with a solid, affordable solution.

Installation Service

We also offer professional installation services for those who need a whole new line. This could be due to the replacement of the current line or due to new construction.

Call the team today at (206) 202-8290 to discuss your options for main water line installation & repair service in Shoreline.