Main Water Line Installation & Repair Service In Kenmore

The main water line to your home has an important job. It is bringing in all the water you need for daily life. From drinking and cooking to cleaning and laundry, the main line has to work correctly for your day to run smoothly. What happens if you notice an issue? Don’t hesitate! Call the office of A-List Plumbing today to discuss the need for main water line installation & repair service in Kenmore. Whether it’s a new construction project or a repair, we’re here to help!

Affordable Service

Times can be difficult especially with an unplanned repair. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering budget-friendly rates for all of our services. You can rest assured we’ll work to find the best, low-cost, long-term solution for your main water line.

Emergency Service

You need assistance sooner than later when it comes to the main line into your home. That is precisely why when you call us, and you’ll get a person on the phone. We will arrive promptly as soon as possible to restore regular daily tasks.

Repair Detection Experts

Each member of the staff is a leak detection expert. Using the latest equipment in the industry, we troubleshoot your main water line quickly to find the problem’s root. Whether that happens to be tree roots, corrosion, or something else, we’ve got a solution for your repairs or replacement.

Installation or Repair?

You can call on us to install a brand new main line for your new home or to repair/replace one at your current home. We provide all the services you need to stay connected to your water supply.

Call (206) 202-8290 if you require main water line installation & repair service in Kenmore.