Leaky Pipes & Clogged Toilet Repair Service in Pinehurst

Don’t get frustrated with your plumbing system. Whether you have a leaky pipe, clogged toilet, or busted faucet, A-List Plumbing can help. We offer leaky pipes & clogged toilet repair service in Pinehurst for our clients in the community. Whether you’re dealing with a toilet that won’t go down or a leaking faucet, we’re here to help.

Discover below why so many of your neighbors turn to the experts here for all their plumbing needs:

Emergency Service

We are available around the clock, seven days a week, to help with any plumbing emergency. Whether it’s on Saturday or at midnight, we have got you covered.

Leaky Pipe Experts

With our detection skills, we can quickly ascertain where the leak is and provide a reliable solution. The problem could be due to a crack in the lines because of age, the lines’ material, or damage. It could also be due to roots growing into the lines and causing compression or cracks. With the advanced technology we provide, we can easily find it and repair it in no time.

However, in some cases, we have to replace the entire pipe itself. If that is necessary, our repair techs will advise you on the process’s cost and details.

Toilet Repairs

We can take care of everything from the hardware to a clog. Sometimes items are flushed accidentally that can block the system. Other times roots can grow into the lines causing a blockage. Whatever the situation, we are here to clear the clog completely and restore normal usage.

If you require leaky pipes & clogged toilet repair service in Pinehurst, be sure to call (206) 202-8290.