Leaky Pipes & Clogged Toilet Repair Service in Lake City

Working with A-List Plumbing allows you to get professional leaky pipes & clogged toilet repair service in Lake City. We are a team of multi-generational plumbers. You’ll have easy access to professional service when you need it. With emergency response times and efficient service, you can count on us to help with your leaky pipes or clogged toilet.

Signs to Notice

If you’re not sure if a leaking pipe is the issue, there are a few things you can watch for. These include items such as a spike in your water bill that is unexplained, odors in the home, or even low water pressure when you try to do normal tasks. Another sign would also include if you see any mildew or mold growth.

Toilet Clogs

When you have a toilet that is clogged, you’ll notice that it is draining slowly. You may even find that the last time you flushed it, the water rose instead of going down. This is not something you want to ignore. If you see signs there’s a clog, be sure to call us in immediately.

Repair Service

Our repair service provides you the latest advancements in the industry to repair your plumbing as soon as possible. Each tech comes with a fully equipped vehicle housing all the tools needed to repair your pipes or toilets. We can easily determine if roots are causing the problem, items flushed down the system, or a crack in your pipes.

Don’t wait any more if you notice you have issues with your plumbing. Call us at (206) 202-8290 to learn more about our leaky pipes & clogged toilet repair service in Lake City. We’re here to help whenever the need arises.