Kitchen Plumbing in Shoreline

When it comes to caring for your kitchen plumbing in Shoreline, look no further than the talented members of the A-List Plumbing team. We have been working with residential clients such as yourself since 2001. Our staff provides friendly and fast plumbing services, and we are always up to date on the latest improvements in our industry. The services we provide include repairing your current plumbing systems, replacement, and installations. Discover how our company can help you with a myriad of kitchen issues below.

Leaky Pipes

Have you seen puddles around your dishwasher or refrigerator lately? Maybe you’ve noticed water under your sink. All of these could be signs that your pipes are leaking in your home. A leaky pipe must be taken care of sooner rather than later. It can cause a massive amount of damage to the flooring and wood around it, if not. Our technician can come out, find the leak, and provide a repair in a short time.

Replacing Kitchen Fixtures

Whether it is your faucet or water lines to your dishwasher, we have got you taken care of. Our technician will come in and provide a full-cost estimate to repair the items you’re having issues with. This includes your garbage disposal or the sink itself.


We provide superior repair service to help you take care of your kitchen plumbing without having to replace the items. We work hard to find a repair solution to avoid replacement, if possible.

We provide emergency services around the clock to help you avoid any issues with your kitchen plumbing in Shoreline. Contact our talented team members today at (206) 202-8290. We can answer your questions and set you up for a consultation to see if our services fit your kitchen needs.