Hot Water Heater Installation & Repair Service in Bitter Lake

Dealing with water heater issues can be downright frustrating. Sometimes you may find yourself with a total lack of hot water in your office or home. What are you supposed to do? Find a company you can trust! That’s where our expert technicians come in at A-List Plumbing. Since 2001 we’ve been providing professional hot water heater installation & repair service in Bitter Lake. Our plumbing team is certified and trained to work on any model of unit you may currently own. Whether you need a brand-new installation, repair, or replacement, contact A-List today!

Installation Services

A water heater is a big investment in your home or office. It’s best not to skip out on professional installation service no matter how handy you may be. Our technicians can come in, install the system safely and securely, and have hot water flowing in no time.

Repair or Replacement

When it comes to repairs and replacements, you want to work with an upfront and honest company. We strive to always repair first, as that is our goal. However, a replacement might be inevitable due to factors such as the age of the system, wear and tear, and the problem at hand.


Our team provides conversion services as well. We can easily convert your current electric system to gas or vice versa.

Other Services

We provide a range of other services as well, including:

  • Warranty service
  • Safety inspections
  • Environmental impact prevention

If you need a hot water heater installation & repair service in Bitter Lake, be sure to give our experts a call today at (206) 202-8290. Our team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you with this and any other plumbing service you may need.