Hot Water Heater Installation & Repair Service In Ballard

When it comes to the hot water in your home or office, you expect it to perform on demand. What happens when it doesn’t? You need a team of experts on your side that can help with all aspects of repairing or replacing the system. That’s where A-List Plumbing can help. We’ve been providing hot water heater installation & repair service in Ballard since 2001. We know the industry ins and outs of all makes and models of systems and provide elite repair and replacement services. Our skilled team is here to help with diagnostics, repairing or replacing, and installation when you need it.


The initial part of our process is to thoroughly evaluate the unit you currently have. Depending on the issue, it could be a simple repair that will get you going again. If that’s the case, our technician will provide you a full-cost estimate before proceeding with the repair.

In other instances, the water heater may be due for a replacement. Our company provides a variety of options, including electric, gas, variant heating, tankless systems, and more to choose from. We provide an evaluation based on your daily usage and needs to help you pick the perfect fit.

Other Services

Besides repair and replacement, you’ll find that our team of experts provide other services including:

  • Warranty coverage and work
  • Safety inspections
  • Environmental concern repairs
  • Conversions from gas to electric or vice versa

If you’re in need of hot water heater installation & repair service in Ballard, be sure to contact the team at A-List Plumbing today. You can reach the office by calling (206) 202-8290 for an appointment or more information on how we can help you get hot water flowing once again.