Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair Service In Sammamish

Dealing with a broken down appliance is not a fun way to start your day. Maybe you were cleaning up the kitchen from breakfast and noticed your disposal isn’t working. That is where the garbage disposal installation & repair service in Sammamish from A-List Plumbing can help. Our technicians have been working with clients around the area to make sure they have their garbage disposal when they need it. From emergency service hours to installation and repairs, we have got you covered.

Broken Down Disposal

When you have a disposal in your kitchen, you want to know it is working as it should. While some of your issues may be fixed on your own with the key given to you with installation, others are more in-depth and should be performed by a professional. You can give our team a call, and we’ll see out an experienced technician that can work on any model disposal you may have. We work with all types of units to offer you the best service in the business.

Install A New Unit

We can also install a new unit if you want to replace your current one or put a new one altogether. Our plumber will ask a few questions, evaluate the current setup you have, and offer you a full-cost estimate of installing the unit you choose.

A garbage disposal provides many benefits to help you reduce waste and trash in your home. By utilizing this unit, you can help get rid of food items without them going into the trash.

If you need a garbage disposal installation & repair service in Sammamish, be sure to contact the professionals at (206) 202-8290 today. Our customer service representative will set up an appointment for consultation or service.