Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair Service In Bothell

When there are issues with your garbage disposal, it can be very frustrating. You may have been in the middle of clean up when you found out there was an issue. Perhaps you’ve been noticing signs it’s slowing down but hasn’t had a chance to handle it yet. Here’s the chance! The team at A-List Plumbing is able to provide expert garbage disposal installation & repair service in Bothell. For years we’ve been working with residential and commercial clients all over the area providing plumbing service. Your garbage disposal can be repaired, replaced, or a new one installed in no time.


There are many homeowners around the area that are quite handy. You might get a tiny clog out with the key that comes with the disposal. However, in most cases, this is a job for a professional. Major clogs or broken parts need to be handled with care.

There are times that a repair may not fix the issue, and we will recommend a replacement. This is typically due to the age of the system or the wear and tear. Our plumbing professionals will not recommend a replacement unless it’s truly necessary.

New Installation

If you don’t currently have a disposal, our technician can install a new unit for you. This will have very little impact on your daily chores and will improve how you manage your kitchen. These items offer many benefits to your home and even help protect your plumbing system.

Contact our office today by calling (206) 202-8290 for more information or to set up an appointment for garbage disposal installation & repair service in Bothell. Our staff is available around the clock to take your call.