Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair Service In Bellevue

Have you noticed your garbage disposal isn’t working quite as it should? Do things seem sluggish, or your drain isn’t going down? Then it’s time to call in the professionals at A-List Plumbing. Since 2001 our team of experts has been providing garbage disposal installation & repair service in Bellevue. We have a group of talented plumbing professionals that have years of experience behind them. We also work to stay updated with the latest advancements in our industry to pass them along to our residential and commercial clients.

Services We Offer

We take care of all aspects of your garbage disposal. From installing a brand new unit to repairing or replacing your current one, we have you covered. Our technician will arrive on-site when you call to do a thorough inspection. If you do not have a unit yet, we can provide you with a variety of models to choose from to get the perfect fit. We go over your needs and evaluate your current kitchen set up to find the right product.

If you have a unit already, our professional technician will evaluate the issue you’re having. While many homeowners can be handy around the house, the disposal is not something you want to try and care for yourself. It can be dangerous, and you could end up causing more damage than intended. It’s best to allow a professional to come in, evaluate the situation, and provide assistance to save time and money.

Our company provides expert service around the clock that won’t break your budget. If you need a garbage disposal installation & repair service in Bellevue, be sure to contact one of our knowledgeable team members today at (206) 202-8290.