Faucet & Sink Repair-Replacement Service In Mill Creek

The sink and faucet in your home are a vital part of your daily usage. It needs to function properly. When you’re having issues with the system, it’s time to call the pros at A-List Plumbing. Our team is here to provide faucet & sink repair-replacement service in Mill Creek. We have multi-generational plumbers on staff that is all certified, trained, and insured to work on your home no matter the plumbing system.


If you’re ready to do a complete remodel of your kitchen or bathroom, we’re here to help. We can go over the different options that are available for your new installation. You can choose the type, style, finish, and functionality that fits your needs.


Our team is here to provide all the repairs you need to get back to normal.  A malfunctioning faucet or sink can cause a huge inconvenience. Call our office if you notice any of the following:

  • Leaking or dripping faucet
  • The faucet seems to make noise when in use
  • The sink drains very slowly or doesn’t drain at all
  • Smells coming from drains
  • Noises coming from the system when in use


Your technician will arrive at your home and determine if a repair or replacement is best. When a replacement is recommended, many factors go into that decision. The wear and tear, age, damage, and repairs already performed are all considered. We want to give you a long-term solution at an affordable rate that you can count on.

For those who need to discuss or schedule faucet & sink repair-replacement service in Mill Creek, be sure to reach out today at (206) 202-8290. We are here around the clock, all week long to help you get your home back to normal.