Faucet & Sink Repair-Replacement Service In Bellevue

Did you wake up to find out you have a problem with your kitchen sink? Have you noticed the faucet in your bathroom isn’t working quite right? Reach out to A-List Plumbing today to get the expert faucet & sink repair-replacement service in Bellevue that you need. We provide a team of highly skilled experts that have been licensed and insured to work on any plumbing job you have.

There is truly no job too big or too small that we can’t help you restore to normal in no time!

Repair Current Fixtures

We can repair the current items you have in your home if that is the best option possible. Your tech will respond to the home promptly and move to evaluate the problem you’re dealing with. Utilizing the latest industry equipment options, we will provide you with the long-term solution you need to avoid repairs soon.

Replacement Of Current Fixtures

From time to time, a repair is not going to cut it. It would help if you considered replacing the current fixtures. This could be due to age, wear and tear, or repairs already performed. We work to offer you a long-term solution that fits your budget and your needs.


If you want to remodel the home, it’s a good idea to have a professional plumber on your side. We can install your fixtures, sinks and get you back up and running in no time.

Reach out to the experts today by calling (206) 202-8290. We are here to take care of your faucet & sink repair-replacement service in Bellevue and all your other plumbing needs. We look forward to helping you!