Drainage Service & Repair in Snohomish County

While plumbing isn’t your favorite topic to talk about, there are times you need some assistance. There may be a day where you require drainage service & repair in Snohomish County. When that day comes, do you have someone on your side you can trust to do the job right the first time? Here at A-List Plumbing, we’ve been providing elite services to all our clients since 2001. We offer repair, installation, and maintenance assistance to both commercial and residential clients throughout the area. If you need plumbing assistance, we have got you covered.

Clogged Up Drains

If you try to flush your toilet or drain your sink, you may find yourself with an issue if there’s a clog. While you may think over the counter fixes work, they aren’t the best solution. If you’re dealing with a slow-moving drain, it is best to allow our professional team to come in and unclog it for you. This will prevent you from dealing with damage that the clog can cause or from putting things into your sewer or septic system that can harm the balance.

Removing Root Systems

While plants and trees around your property are beautiful, they can wreak havoc on your drainage system. It is vital to have a professional check out the system for roots breaking in regularly. They can wrap around the drainage system, block it completely or go through it, causing leaks in the system.

If you need drainage service & repair in Snohomish County or other plumbing assistance, contact our office today at (206) 202-8290 for an appointment with one of our talented and trained plumbers.