Drainage Service & Repair in Seattle

Discover the right team for drainage service & repair in Seattle by working with A-List plumbing. Our team has been in business since 2001 providing premier full-service plumbing to both business owners and residential locations. If you’re in need of a trustworthy, dependable plumber, look no further.


The kitchen plays a huge role in either a business or residence. It is important that all the plumbing works properly. When you have a garbage disposal that is smelling unpleasant, or you have a sink that will not go down, it is time to call in the professionals.


Your bathroom is another area of the home or office that must be running as it is supposed to. A toilet backing up in your bathroom can lead to a lot of damage and issues other than the smell. Your toilet, if left unchecked, can actually overflow back into the bathroom. If you notice it is taking longer to go down, its time to hire our team to come in and inspect the drainage system.

The Yard

You may not realize it but your yard plays a role in your drainage system as well. Roots from trees or plants can actually start to grow into the system and cause blockages. They can slow down the drains or completely block them off. It is vital that you have regular service to check for roots in the system and utilize our de rooting system to prevent damage.

If you’re concerned about your drainage system, you do not have to handle this on your own. Be sure to contact our team for drainage service & repair in Seattle by calling (206) 202-8290 today.