De-Rooting Plumbing Repair Service In Bothell

Roots can cause massive damage to your pipes in the home. You may not even realize you have an issue until there’s damage. That’s why A-List Plumbing is here. Since 2001, we’ve provided professional de-rooting plumbing repair service in Bothell for all our residential customers. We can evaluate your system, provide a budget-friendly solution, and restore normalcy in no time.

Our fast, effective service can help you eliminate the damage and prevent it from coming back years down the road. If you feel you have a root problem, here’s how we can help.


We can evaluate the lines with minimal invasiveness using the latest technology available. Our technicians are trained to evaluate your lines, spot issues, and find the best long-term solution.

Plan of Attack

Whether we can blast out the roots or need to replace the pipes, we have a plan that works for your unique situation. Your technician will use the latest advancements available to restore your pipes’ normal flow as soon as possible.

What To Look For

Roots will give you specific issues that signify they are the problem. Those signals include:

  • The appearance of sinkholes – While sinkholes are common in some areas, they can also happen when roots have taken over your pipes. If you notice a sinkhole, be sure to call in the professionals right away.
  • Clogged drains – If roots are clogging the system, you’ll often see multiple locations clogged simultaneously.
  • Foul odors – If your sewer system has been affected, you may start to smell bad odors around the pipes themselves.

If you see any of the above-mentioned signs, call our office at (206) 202-8290 to discuss your need for a de-rooting plumbing repair service in Bothell.