Clogged Sink Service In Bitter Lake

Caring for your home means that you have to deal with random maintenance or repair issues that come along. One of those common issues is dealing with a stopped up sink. Whether it’s a minor clog just getting started or you’re dealing with an entirely blocked sink, the clogged sink service in Bitter Lake by A-List Plumbing has you covered. Our technicians have been helping residential and business clients alike since 2001 with all of their plumbing needs. See how our team of professionals can help you clear out the blockage from your kitchen or bathroom sink.

What Causes a Clog?

There are many factors that go into forming a clog in your drains. Hair can be pushed through the drain in the bathroom, oil, grease, or food items can be poured down, causing things to back up in the drain itself. Whatever the reason for blocking the sink drain, it’s essential you have a professional remove it altogether.

How Does the Process Work?

Our technician will arrive at your home on time to evaluate the blockage. Our technician will not use chemicals in the system, as this can be harmful. However, they will remove the drain completely and clear the line so that you have a free moving sink drain.

Our team works around the clock providing elite plumbing service. We know that your sink may back up during the evening hours or even on the weekend when you least expect it. That’s why you can reach one of our technicians any time of day or night.

Contact our office at (206) 202-8290 today to set up an appointment or ask more questions about our clogged sink service in Bitter Lake.