Broken Pipe Repair & Service In Redmond

A broken pipe in the home can wreak havoc on more than just the area where the leak has occurred. If it takes too long to fix, you’ll be dealing with much more than just a leaking pipe. Allowing it to go too long can also bring in dangerous mold growth that you want to avoid at all costs. That’s why if you need broken pipe repair & service in Redmond, you should contact our team here at A-List Plumbing. Our professional technicians can help repair the broken pipe and get you back to normal in as little time as possible.

First Steps

There are a few immediate steps you can take to ensure you are safely handling a pipe that is broken. First, turn off the water at the main source. This helps to prevent any further damage. Second, be sure that there’s no need for electricity to be turned off as well. The location of some leaks will cause you to need to cut off any source of electric to the area. Third, turning on a faucet to release the pressure on the pipe is a great idea as well. Last, make sure to call our office.

Our Technicians Arrive

We know that a pipe bursting in the home is an urgent issue that has to be addressed as soon as possible. Our team will arrive in a timely manner and perform the repair quickly and efficiently. Once the pipe is fixed, we will return your home to normal before leaving the site.

If you need broken pipe repair & service in Redmond, be sure to call our team today at (206) 202-8290 for assistance. We provide emergency hours around the clock to ensure the least impact to your home.