Broken Pipe Repair & Service In Medina

Are you dealing with a broken pipe in your home? It’s time to call in the experts here at A-List Plumbing. Since 2001, we’ve been providing broken pipe repair & service in Medina and the surrounding areas. Allowing a pipe to continue leaking can be a devastating situation to your home. From toxic mold growth to ruining your floors, ceiling, and walls, it’s not a problem you want to ignore. From the first sign of trouble, it’s best to call our office to have an expert come in and take a look.

After you’ve called our office, there are few things you can do to minimize the damage in your home. Be sure that the water supply to the house is turned off. This prevents water from still coming in the home where the pipe has busted open. Turn off electricity to the area as well. Relive any pressure in the pipes by opening faucets and completely emptying the lines of water.

When our technician arrives, they will evaluate the situation and determine the cause of the busted pipe.  It could be anything from the fact that a clog caused pressure to build up in the line to the temperatures has dropped very low, causing water in the pipe to freeze. Whatever the cause is, our specialist can help to restore your home back to normal. We also provide a full-cost estimate, so you know what to expect before work is performed.

Contact our office today at (206) 202-8290 if you find yourself in need of broken pipe repair & service in Medina. There’s someone waiting to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure everything gets back to normal as soon as possible.