Renovating Your Old Kirkland Home? Check Out Plumbing Fixture and Faucet Installation Services from A-List Plumbing!

Renovating Your Old Kirkland Home? Check Out Plumbing Fixture and Faucet Installation Services from A-List Plumbing!

It’s an incredible feeling for your house to become a sanctuary of comfort and peace for you and your loved ones. And sometimes that begins with renovations. Every home renovation, regardless of how small, is designed to tie everything together, making it a perfect representation of your dream home. A-List Plumbing is here for all the plumbing services you may need to remodel your house. Fixture and faucet installations and repairs or replacements? We are all about that! You can rely on our experience and expertise across various plumbing services.

Where would you most like to renovate your home’s faucets and fixtures? Most people begin in the kitchen and then work their renovations around the rest of the house. Did you know that, on average, every person in your household will spend at least a half hour in the kitchen daily? For those that love to cook, it’s three times that every day. So, it stands to reason that you’d want all kitchen faucets and fixtures to be in tip-top condition.

Make Memories with New Faucets and Fixtures in the Picture!

Our minds remember the minor details in our memories. That includes our surroundings and the objects that make our lives easier. Faucets and fixtures are the kinds of things that you’ll remember.

We at A-List Plumbing strive for accommodation. Give us a mental image of what your dream home involves! We want to accommodate your schedule and budget, so let us know what kind of renovations would complete your kitchen, bathroom, or wherever else you’d need fixture and faucet installations, repairs, or replacements in your Kirkland home. Call us at (206) 202-8290 to learn more!

When Would You Need Sewer Camera Inspection Services for Your Lake City Home?

When Would You Need Sewer Camera Inspection Services for Your Lake City Home?

Your Lake City home is your safe haven, the one place you can count on to provide you with comforts, safety, and a few indulgences. Suppose something were to happen to your home. In that case, you’d understandably be annoyed and perhaps a little devastated, so it’s important to remember routine inspections of your plumbing system and sewer lines to keep your home in tip-top shape. While some homes can get by with inspections of plumbing systems through pipe, faucet, and drain observations, some homes require more thorough checkups, like sewer camera inspection services from A-List Plumbing professionals.

We at A-List Plumbing know how to determine an unhealthy sewer line from a healthy plumbing system. But sometimes, we need cameras to help us see the interior of a sewer to let us know if any underground issues need to be addressed.

How Long Does a Sewer Inspection Take with a Camera?

Using a camera for sewer inspections is actually easier than diving into the sewer lines manually. Therefore, it takes less time. We can typically perform thorough checks within one to three hours, but it depends on the extent of prospective damage to your sewer and how large the sewer is. We can’t give you a reliable estimate of time until we’ve conducted a scan in preparation for the sewer inspection.

If you’ve had signs of sewer problems, such as foul smells in your home or yard, gurgling or loud grinding or clunking noises coming from your plumbing system, give A-List Plumbing a call (206) 202-8290. We are happy to set up a time for sewer camera inspection services for your Lake City home.

How Does the State of Your Brier Home’s Sewer Line Affect the Health of Your House?

How Does the State of Your Brier Home’s Sewer Line Affect the Health of Your House?Did you know that your house can be healthy? Sure, it’s an inanimate object in the grand scheme of things, but it’s also so full of life. And as one of those lives, you want to be comfortable and secure in your Brier home. When a house is healthy, everything is working as it should. Your plumbing system, for instance, can be either healthy or not, and the latter could negatively affect the comfort you feel in your home. For this reason, it’s a good idea to have your plumbing system checked for problems annually. We at A-List Plumbing offer sewer line inspection services, including repairs, replacements, and installations where needed.

There’s no one time that’s better to have your plumbing system inspected, but it should be a yearly endeavor. Most people find it easier to plan an inspection for the same time every year so that they can mark it down on the calendar in advance. And we at A-List Plumbing are okay with that. We encourage you to schedule and mark your inspections in advance to help you better track the health of your home’s sewer line and plumbing system.

Can You Improve the Health of Your Sewer Line?

One way to improve the health of your sewer line is through awareness. Remember that all drain lines in your home will lead to a sewer of some kind, so you shouldn’t mindlessly dump materials down your home drains.

Preventative care is the main way to ensure the health of your home’s sewer line. Some older homes have problematic sewer lines because of age, use, and neglect, so it’s essential that you ask a plumber about the steps that you can take to prevent serious issues that may arise from old plumbing systems. Learn about sewer line inspection services by calling A-List Plumbing near Brier at (206) 202-8290.

Does Your Property Have a Boiler Room? Call Us for Info on Plumbing Repairs and Other Services!

Does Your Property Have a Boiler Room? Call Us for Info on Plumbing Repairs and Other Services!

You’ve heard the term boiler room used for several different things, but we aren’t talking about where telemarketers congregate to make cold calls. We are talking about the small rooms or corners in your Mill Creek home where the boiler, furnace, or other mechanical heating element lives. While many newer homes have replaced a boiler in favor of another heating element, there are still boilers prevalent in many older homes, and yours might be one of those. You should call A-List Plumbing when you need boiler room plumbing installations, repairs, replacements, and inspections.

Did you know that most boilers can heat up to 190 to 200 degrees? That’s a lot of heat to be stored in a compact area, so you must get annual inspections to ensure your boiler doesn’t become a safety hazard. Some boilers are typically called water heaters because both have similar functions. Still, many boilers are steam-based, so the inspection processes are slightly different from those of modern water heaters.

Boiler room plumbing inspections will usually take one to two hours to complete unless plumbers detect an issue. A-List Plumbing employs attentive plumbers, so they can find minor issues that can be repaired before they become more prominent, more expensive problems. Our plumbers specialize in repairs and replacements, so we can quickly fix an issue for you on the same day unless it’s a bigger problem requiring more planning and equipment or labor.

Contact A-List Plumbing for Help with Boiler Room Inspections and Repairs!

Your Mill Creek home is your sanctuary, so it’s vital that you feel comfortable and secure there whenever possible. This is why there is a need for A-List Plumbing’s boiler room plumbing installations, repairs, replacements, and inspections. Give us a call at (206) 202-8290 to make an appointment!

How Full-Service Plumbing Can Positively Impact Your Home’s Functionality In Edmonds

How Full-Service Plumbing Can Positively Impact Your Home’s Health Edmonds

Can you list the components of comfort and safety in your Edmonds home? To keep a level of secure comfiness, you need to feel that your home is healthy. From your appliances to your basic essentials, like a water heater and plumbing system, your home’s health can positively impact your comfort and feelings of security and peace. When everything runs smoothly, you are less likely to feel stressed about anything going awry. With that in mind, appliances, and other home essentials can go on the fritz in a heartbeat, so it’s important to know that you can call A-List Plumbing for full-service plumbing and inspections when you need a hand in maintaining your home’s comfort.

So many of your home’s appliances and conveniences are linked to your plumbing system. Therefore, preventative maintenance and awareness are required to ensure the overall health of your home. How can homes be healthy? Think of it like this… when you’re sick, you call a doctor and get a diagnosis to feel better. The same concept applies to your home’s plumbing system. When something is wrong with your plumbing system, your home is considered sick, which means it needs a diagnosis and fixes to restore order, comfort, and health.

Other than annual checkups for your plumbing system, there are signs that you may need a plumber sooner than routine inspections. For example:

  • Sluggish drainage or bad smells are coming from drainage systems.
  • Low water pressure when taking a shower or washing hands.
  • Rust-colored or yellowed water.
  • Continuously running toilets and a drastic increase in water bills for no apparent reason.
  • Constant clogs in the same drains.
  • Clanking and grinding sound coming from the drains after flushes or water use.

Any of these symptoms can mean something is wrong with your plumbing system. Call A-List Plumbing at (206) 202-8290 for full-service plumbing and inspections of your Edmonds home.

New Construction Plumbing Puts Your Home on the Right Path to Good Health!

New Construction Plumbing Puts Your Home on the Right Path to Good Health!

Mukilteo homes are popping up in some of the nicest neighborhoods in decades. These homes are well-equipped for security and comfort. They are places where you could be happy raising a family or living a fulfilled life, but that requires a healthy home—one unburdened by the problems of haywire appliances and faulty plumbing systems. We at A-List Plumbing specialize in new construction plumbing services, which means we can help get your new home off on the right path to good health.

Wait… homes can be healthy? The term “healthy” is usually applied to living things, but home environments can be healthy too. For example, when your water heater or toilet goes awry, it can create a toxic environment where you feel uncomfortable and irritable. The modern conveniences we’ve all come to rely on play a huge role in our comfort and contentment within a home. So, to keep a healthy home, it’s a good idea to enlist the help of professional plumbers for a secure, safe plumbing system.

When A-List Plumbing installs a new plumbing system, we do it the right way. We pay attention to interconnected lines and ensure that we can quickly inspect your plumbing system when we return annually for routine preventative care. However, new plumbing can still have quirks after a while of use, so remain attentive to any signs that there could be a problem.

What Should You Look and Listen for to Ensure Plumbing Health?

Your home’s plumbing system will indicate a problem should one arise. Some symptoms include:

  • Clanking or grinding sounds that come from the drains after use.
  • Poor, slow drainage or low water pressure.
  • Foul smells from the drains or rust-colored water from the faucets.
  • Constant clogs seem to affect the same drains each time.
  • No hot water or constantly changing water temperature when you shower.

For more information about new construction plumbing services for your Mukilteo home, call A-List Plumbing at (206) 202-8290.

Contact A-List Plumbing for Water Main Installation that Lasts for Your Sammamish Home!

Contact A-List Plumbing for Water Main Installation that Lasts for Your Sammamish Home!

Are you a new Sammamish homeowner? It’s a considerable feat to take on the responsibilities of a new home, and we at A-List Plumbing understand that you need to know that you can trust in the integrity and reliability of your home’s plumbing system. This is why we offer routine inspections, repairs, and installations, such as water main installations, when you need to improve upon the trustworthiness and sturdiness of your home’s plumbing setup.

Your home’s plumbing system does so much for you and your loved ones. Those hot showers that your spouse loves in the mornings. The simple act of being able to turn on a faucet of hot water to suds up your dishes and even wash your hands. It all adds up to testing the integrity and reliability of your home’s plumbing setup, which comes directly from your home’s water main. It’s in the name. The place where your home’s water supply is, well, supplied.

When your water main goes on the fritz, you know it. Your water may look brackish or taste rusty. Or you may notice odd sounds coming from your faucets and pipework after you’ve used water. It may turn from hot to cold and back again in a matter of seconds, cycling from one extreme to another. These are all signs of problems with your plumbing systems, and A-List Plumbing can help you find and fix them.

Not Every Plumbing Problem Requires a New Installation or Replacement

Sometimes, a plumbing problem can be repaired if found early. Not every plumbing issue will require new water main installations or the replacement of another vital plumbing part. However, just to ensure, give A-List Plumbing near Sammamish a call at (206) 202-8290. We can work with you to schedule an appointment for a consultation, inspection, and maintenance as needed.

How Long Does an Installation Take for a Home Tankless Water Heater?

How Long Does an Installation Take for a Home Tankless Water Heater?

Most homeowners don’t pay much attention to their Kirkland home’s water heater until it goes on the fritz, but there’s a new option to the traditional water heater that is making homeowners more aware of their home’s water usage. Tankless hot water heaters have garnered hype over the last couple of years, mainly because they offer a spacious, better-organized way for homes to get hot water without clutter or hassle. Classic water heaters often take up space, and ease of access is more difficult, which is why we at A-List Plumbing have become well-versed and well-equipped for tankless water heater installations.

Want a tankless water heater installed? In A-List Plumbing’s installation process, we begin with a consultation and inspection of your home’s water heater space. This gives us the chance to know exactly what’s needed for the successful installation of a tankless water heater. We can’t give you a correct estimate on time and expense until we’ve learned more about your home’s water usage and space.

Tankless water heaters have an average installation time of two to three hours. But again, this depends on many factors, such as… do you want your old water heater removed entirely? Because removal will take additional time, and that adds to the installation process.

The Endless Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

Traditional hot water heaters are in constant working mode 24 hours a day, seven days a week unless you turn them off via the main breaker. They heat the same supplies of water over and over again until someone needs them. That’s why one person can use all the hot water during a shower or bath, and it takes a while to get hot water back afterward.

On the other hand, tankless hot water heaters heat water endlessly as you need it. This gives you endless hot water, so you can take a long hot shower without being selfish. Learn more from A-List Plumbing near Kirkland! Call (206) 202-8290.

For Toilet Installation and Repairs, A-List Plumbing is the Obvious Best Choice!

For Toilet Installation and Repairs, A-List Plumbing is the Obvious Best Choice!

Your Kenmore home should feel like a sanctuary. Somewhere you can retire and relax after a lengthy day at the office. Your everyday commutes? The times spent stuck in gridlock traffic? That should all disappear to be replaced by peace when you get home. However, something wrong with your house, like a broken toilet, can significantly impact the zen you need after a long 8 to 12 hours at work. Luckily, we at A-List Plumbing are a mere call away, specializing in toilet installation and repairs.

A-List Plumbing employs real people with real experience and expertise. We know what it’s like to have your home’s plumbing system go on the fritz because we’ve done that in our personal lives. This is why we put all our effort and efficiency into helping our customers fix their plumbing issues as quickly as possible.

Toilets can be fickle. One minute they are working, and then there’s something wrong in the next minute, especially with bathrooms in older homes. Not all toilets, or plumbing for that matter, are created equal, so there are chances that your toilet could show significant signs of wear and tear before it’s supposed to. Some of the symptoms of a faulty toilet include:

  • Consistently clogged drains.
  • Overflowing toilet water, often paired with consistent clogs.
  • Cracks in the toilet bowl, tank, or base.

Annual Plumbing Inspections are Important to the Health of Your Toilet Too!

A-List Plumbing specializes in routine plumbing inspections, which include your home’s toilets. We go over the tank and bowls, do flushes, and check the pipelines to ensure everything is working. These annual inspections often allow us to detect minor problems and fix them before they become disruptive to your comfort.

In need of toilet installation and repairs for your Kenmore home? Call A-List Plumbing at (206) 202-8290.

Why You Need Annual Sewer Camera Inspections

Why You Need Annual Sewer Camera Inspections

Did you know that your Hunts Point home’s sewer line should be checked annually? Some companies will be invasive with exploring the ins and outs of your sewer lines, which could cause damage to the pipes and your property. However, A-List Plumbing uses sewer camera inspections as a minimally invasive way to see if there are any problems or concerns for your home’s sewer lines. Sewer inspections, as a whole, are preventative measures to ensure that you don’t need pipe repairs or entirely new sewer line replacements in the future.

A-List Plumbing goes by the annual rule of thumb for sewer lines. If your home is younger than ten years old, it’s essential to schedule a yearly inspection and cleaning for proper care. If your home is over ten years old, sewer inspections and cleanings should be every six months.

The pipes become more susceptible to damage as your home’s plumbing system gets older. That doesn’t mean the pipes are damaged, but they will show wear and tear. Sewer lines do a lot of work, and regular inspections can help A-List Plumbing professionals detect minor problems before they become more prominent and expensive issues.

Beware of Tree Roots

Root infestation is the number one killer of sewer pipes. If you have a lot of trees on your property, those unseen roots are constantly growing and seeking out nutrients. What is more nourishing than a sewer pipe of nutrient-rich waste and water? If a root finds a weak spot in your pipe, it could grow through it, then expand into the pipe and create more significant cracks and clogs.

Yearly inspections will keep those roots in check! Many minor repairs can be done non-invasively, but extensive replacements may be more detrimental to your property.

For more information about sewer camera inspections and our other plumbing services, call A-List Plumbing near Hunts Point at (206) 202-8290.