4 Signs Sewer Installation In Medina Is Imminent

4 Signs Sewer Installation In Medina Is Imminent

4 Signs Sewer Installation In Medina Is Imminent

No one wants to talk about having to replace their sewer system. It can be quite an overwhelming process. However, knowing the common signs that sewer installation in Medina is imminent can help alleviate that process. Working with the experts here at A-List Plumbing can help even more.

Our team has been working in the industry for years, providing expert service, timely response times, and dependable results to keep your home moving smoothly for years. Look below at four common signs you need to have a new sewer installed soon:

Gurgling Noises

While occasional gurgling sounds from the pipes are normal, hearing them more often than not is a problem. Sometimes, it is simply a tiny clog that can quickly be cleared using a plunger. In other instances, it can be something like trees growing into the lines, grease buildup and blockages, or a broken/busted pipe.

Notice Frequency of Pests

Pests are attracted to the smells of sewage. These could include unwanted visitors such as snakes, bugs, and rodents. If you notice more of these in the yard, it’s time to have a professional check on the sewer system.

Soggy Lawn

If you notice that the yard around your home is staying soggy, there’s an issue that needs to be resolved. This is signaling a busted pipe or leak somewhere in the sewer system. Having a technician come out and inspect the system will help prevent further damage.

Increase In Water Cost

Your water bill should stay consistent if there’s no extra usage. However, if you notice a sudden increase, it’s a sign of a problem in the system.

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